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Overview of Rixty Prepaid Card Payment Option

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   Rixty - Pay with a Prepaid Card or Receipt

  • Over 15,000 Locations
  • No fees
  • Pay with cash
  • Spend in over 1,000 online games

How It Works


Rixty prepaid cards are available at major pharmacies, department stores, and grocery and convenience stores nationwide. They are a great way to use cash to enjoy online entertainment, including over 1,000 of the most popular games, MMO's, and social networks. Once you have purchased a card at retail, you simply load its value into your Rixty account by entering the PIN number (RixtyCode) online.


Rixty Prepaid Scratch-Off Card

Working with Rixty prepaid scratch-off cards is easy!
1.  Purchase a Rixty prepaid card at a local store near you

2.  Scratch off the area on back to reveal a PIN number (the RixtyCode)

3.  Redeem the RixtyCode at or during a purchase inside your game


Rixty Prepaid Code Card

Rixty also offers a prepaid code card at select convenience stores. You take this card to the register and choose the amount you’d like to purchase.  The cashier will give you a printed receipt with a PIN number, which you simply redeem into your Rixty account.

1. Tell the cashier the value you want to buy:  $5, $10 or $20. For Variable Load Cards, you can load any amount $10-$500. 

2. Pay and receive a receipt with a PIN number (the RixtyCode)
3.  Redeem the RixtyCode at or during a purchase inside your game 


Account: By moving the value of the card or receipt into your centrally located and managed Rixty account, you safeguard your funds so the loss of your card or receipt no longer means the loss of all your value. Once you have redeemed a RixtyCode into your account, your prepaid card or receipt is no longer needed and should be recycled.



Where to Find


Rixty cards are available in over 10,000 supermarkets, department stores, grocery and convenience stores in the United States, including Kmart, JC Penney, HyVee, Fred Meyer, Ralph's, Food Lion, Kroger owned stores, and many more...


To find a convenient Rixty location near you, CLICK HERE.


Not in the U.S? Don’t worry, Rixty has several online and international options for loading your account.  CLICK HERE for load options outside the United States.

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 Step by Step Instructions


Want to see how easy it is? CLICK HERE for a complete step-by-step guide on how to use a Rixty prepaid card. 



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